Purchase and sale of investment certificates

Follow the steps in the trading guide below to easily and quickly fill out forms for the purchase or sale of investment certificates in Fartiloan.

When you’re done, print, sign, and send the documents back to Property Management. Then we manage the rest and you receive an email from us about when the deal will be completed.

Please note that a transaction costs DKK 250 in a note fee to Nordea. In addition, your own bank will charge a small fee for the transaction.

If you want to shop via your online bank instead, you can find all the fund codes here .





Click on a fund and then choose whether you want to buy or sell investment certificates. Then enter the specific number or amount you want to buy or sell for. By clicking on a fund you also get access to the fund’s key investor information, fact sheets and prospects.

Fill in the fields and specify which bank and deposit you want to trade from.

When you add a repository, you have the option to choose which security you want to trade from that depot.

If you want to trade more than one fund, and if you have access to more than one repository, you have the option to choose whether you want to make all the transactions in one repository, or if you want to distribute them to several.

Your trade forms are now filled out correctly.

Now you just need to print and sign all the documents and send them to Fartiloan.

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Download your commercial forms as pdf here:

Get the trade form

Get the order sent directly to your email:

Send to email

  1. Print forms

  2. Sign all forms

  3. Send the forms to Fartiloan:

    • – Electronic: Scan the signed forms and upload them through this form .

    • – Pr. post: Send the signed forms to the wealth management at the address:
      Workshop street 25
      8000 Aarhus C

  4. If it is the first time you shop through Property Management, be sure to attach your ID. You can scan or take a picture with your phone and upload it through this form :
    Image ID: Copy of passport or driver’s license
    Residence documentation: Copy of the yellow health card
    Both types of ID must be included.

  5. You will receive a confirmation email from us telling you when the deal will be completed.

We record and process data about you. You can read more in our privacy policy .

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Investment fund investment funds are listed and can be freely traded in your online bank.

If you shop through your bank, you pay the commission rate you usually use. 


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