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How to finance the purchase of a prefabricated house

These are difficult times to buy a house . Without any economic security and with the banks tightening the conditions to give a mortgage, buying a flat is a complicated task, despite the drop in prices.   Home ownership But in Spain we have a desire for homeownership. It is in this context that many […]

Loan Requirements and Documents

If you are looking for an economic financing solution , which allows you to get the desired amount of money in a short time, you can consider applying for a Bank Prestloan. The procedure to follow is very simple and involves a very limited number of steps. In this section we will explain how to […]

Types of Credit Card

In Greece, banks and department stores offer various types of credit cards, and these offer different benefits to cardholders. The differences between the cards are generally the amount of the annual payment, related to the amount of credit available. The higher the credit, the greater the annuity. The most common classification is as follows: Basic […]

Purchase and sale of investment certificates

Follow the steps in the trading guide below to easily and quickly fill out forms for the purchase or sale of investment certificates in Fartiloan. When you’re done, print, sign, and send the documents back to Property Management. Then we manage the rest and you receive an email from us about when the deal will […]

Payday Loan Without a Guarantor or With a Guarantor?

The most common type of modern loans. Today, you can do without a guarantor in the vast majority of cases, for many of us it is just the music of the distant past. In the socialist era, the payday loan practically did not work without a guarantor; siblings or close relatives were normally guaranteed. This […]